Best Prices of Trash Service in Bloomington, IL

Trash Containers & Services
As part of our Residential Home service, we provide one 95-gallon toter for utilization by the homeowner. This investment in equipment enables us to work productively and safely, and is a value added service for you the customer. The toter provides a defined limit of waste and contains household waste in an aesthetically pleasing manner. We provide our “regular” service level with the toter being collected from the curb, and “premium” service with the toter being collected up the drive, for an additional fee. The toter placement may be different based on your geographical location. Please click the links to follow to obtain service parameters, municipal services listing, and toter dimensions.

Recycling Containers & Services

Additionally, we have added recycling services to some of our major markets. As part of this service, we provide either a 65 or 95 gallon toter for utilization by the customer. The toter provides a defined limit of recycling volumes and keeps the material properly contained. This service is exclusively a curb service due to our method of collection utilizing automated sideload trucks. The materials to be commingled in the toter are as follows:

aluminum cans
tin cans
fiber board (cereal boxes)
not permitted items – strofoam, shrink wrap, packaging items, soft drink cups, plastic bags of any type, glass
Just place all of your materials in the provided toter, and we will make sure it gets to our processing partners in Pekin and Bloomington. For an interactive video of the processing facilities, please highlight the links to follow, right click, and follow the prompt:

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