Curbside Trash & Recycling Bin Cleaning Now Available Across the U.S.!

Now Serving Locations Across the U.S.

Have you been hoping that our stellar services would become available in your neighborhood? Here’s good news: we are now proudly providing service across the U.S.! Our licensed and insured services include:

  • Removal of any debris or garbage bags present in the bin. If there are garbage bags in the bin, they will be placed to the side and then returned to the bin once it’s cleaned!
  • Cleaning inside a specially designed, fully self-contained pressure washing chamber. The bin will be blasted with hot water and a specialized cleaning solution by a high-speed, rotating pressure nozzle. This process kills 99% of bacteria. All waste water produced from this process is contained for proper disposal and never released into storm drains.
  • Having your bins safely returned to the curb and inspected by a trained technician. When the bin passes inspection, it is tagged with an easy-to-remove colored tape and returned to curbside. If you have multiple bins, this process is repeated until all bins have been thoroughly cleaned and deodorized!

Environmentally Friendly and Efficient

United States Bin Service greatly values being environmentally minded. That’s why our services are especially designed to keep all waste water contained so it can be properly disposed of, meaning no harsh chemicals are introduced into storm drains or local waterways. The process is also very quick, returning your bins to the curbside to be ready for use in just minutes!

We strive to keep our services affordable and convenient for our clients, and to help you protect your home, family and neighborhood from the hazards of bacterial and fungal growth that is detected in, on and around dirty bins.

Scheduling Your United States Bin Service Service Has Never Been Easier

We’re so excited to be able to offer these services to so many more cities around the country – visit us at to check out our growing number of serviced neighborhoods!

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