Keep Your Trash Odor-Free This Summer

Summer is a time when the sun is warm and the heat is high. Unfortunately though, the hot temperatures and high humidity often makes the trash that sits out in the cans extremely smelly. If you want to avoid the summer stench, try some of these hacks this season:

Newspaper: One thing you can do is put a layer of newspaper in the bottom of your can. This will help soak up any spills that may leak through your trash bags.

Baking Soda: Try using a deodorizer like baking soda in your can. Sprinkle some baking soda in with your trash to help neutralize some of the more pungent odors coming from your trash.

Cat Litter: Put some cat litter at the bottom of your can before you start piling up more trash. This will not only help soak up any spills, but it can also help neutralize the odors that start to build up in the summer heat.

Clean Your Can: It can also be helpful to clean your cans every now and then. You can do this yourself by using a high-pressure water hose and a small amount of dish soap after your can is emptied. Just make sure you give your can time to dry before throwing trash in it. You can also contact a trash can cleaning service to do it for you as well.

No matter how smelly the heat and humidity may make your trash, we take pride in providing our customers with the best trash service around. Contact us now if you or a neighbor is in need of a trash pick-up service today.

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