Winter Trash & Recycle Collection Tips

With winter comes snow storms, freezing rain, high winds, ice, and poor road conditions.

Trash and recycling collection is a service that persists all year long, and the conditions that come with winter often affect our ability to collect. While we try to provide outstanding reliable service to our customers regardless of weather or road conditions, there are some situations we cannot avoid.

We have some of the most helpful winter tips listed here.

Clear your collection spot. If your container is stuck in the snow or ice, we will be unable to service it, or the container may be damaged when picked up. Please be sure to shovel or plow and use salt or sand around your container to prevent freezing.

If you have curbside service, shovel a spot at the curb or place your container or bags in your plowed/shoveled driveway. Do not place your containers or bags in the street. This creates a hazard for the snow plows.

Don’t set your container on uneven packed snow or ice. Your container may tip and spill or fall into the roadway.

Keep your containers visible. If your container is hidden by a snow pile or blends in with the snow, our drivers may not see the container. Remove snow piles from near your container, and consider using black bags or plastic garbage totes during the winter to make them stand out against the snow, especially in the dark hours of the morning.

Make sure to shovel in front of and under your container. Many of our drivers have to push and pull these containers by hand. If there is snow/ice buildup in front of or under your container, they may be unable to service your container.

If you have an enclosure clear a path for your gates to open completely so the containers can be serviced. Use salt or ice melt, to keep your pin holes clear of ice and to keep your dumpster path clear.

Make sure your lid is closed. If your lid is open, rain and snow will accumulate in your container. When the weather is below freezing, this may cause the contents in your container to freeze. Many of our customers are picked up by an automated side loading truck (ASL) and the driver will not know there is contents frozen in the container. If your lid is damaged and prevents you from keeping the water out, please call us to request it be repaired. If you do not have a plastic garbage container and would like one, please let us know.

If your trash freezes in your container you may have to roll it into an enclosed building to thaw, or use salt or ice melt to free the debris. We are unable to swap containers out for frozen contents.

Our hours of service may fluctuate. Our drivers start at 5 a.m, even in the winter. We ask you to set your container out the night before, or by 5 a.m. so you do not get missed. However, leave your containers out until at least 7 p.m.. During the winter our drivers may take longer to collect your refuse. If your trash or recycling has not been collected by the morning after your service day, please call us.

We are not the street department. In many cities, the trash and recycling service is partnered with the street department. We are a private hauler and do not have any connection to plowing.

Some situations where we may be unable to service your route:
Roads too icy to traverse. Our trucks are much larger than a car or pickup. Even if you are able to travel down a road, there isn’t a guarantee we will be able to. Garbage trucks have very little traction on icy roads and can be very dangerous to all involved. For the safety of our drivers and other drivers, we may have to declare a road too icy for us to traverse

Extreme frigid temperatures or reduced visibility. We may have to start our routes at a later time in the day, or post-pone it for the following day for extreme frigid temperatures or if there is not enough visibility to safely drive.

Lack of a turn around. If our trucks are unable to turn around due to an unplowed area, they may be unable to service your container. If this happens you may have to bring your container to the closest plowed roadway until our trucks are able to safely service your home or business.

Unplowed roads. When snow storms happen municipalities are usually the first streets plowed. We may attempt to service a home or business prior to it being plowed.

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