Your City Bulk Item Guidelines

  • A bulk item is non-household waste that does not fit into the supplied trash container. E.g., bikes, furniture, appliances, mattresses, box springs, grills, rugs, etc. This does not include construction debris or items from remodels. Any appliances containing freon (fridges, freezers, AC units, etc.) must have the freon emptied and be tagged by a certified HVAC technician before removal. Removal of appliances containing freon is not available in US communities due to landfill restrictions. Please refer to our Trash Bag service for removal of waste from construction or remodeling projects.
  • Before you throw away a bulk item, consider if it is recyclable or can be donated. Please see our Waste and Recycling Workers program. Consider donating items you no longer use to someone in need.
  • Bulk items must be called in and scheduled for pickup. Items not called in will be left at the curb. Please use discretion, as some bulk items may need to be broken down and bundled together for removal or may not be considered bulk items. Please call customer service for rates and availability.
  • We ask that the night before your bulk pickup, your items are left curbside in an open area clear of and far away from any objects such as:
    • Mailboxes and Hydrants
    • Vehicles
    • Cable and Power Boxes
    • Trees and Posts
    • Overhead Low Hanging Tree Limbs and Wires
    • Grass Areas/Lawns – We will not be responsible for damage to such areas.
  • Our bulk truck has a claw that will pick up your bulk items and if the claw hits anything, it will damage it. If your bulk items are too close to anything the claw could damage during the removal, they will be left behind.
  • We ask that if you are unable to place the bulk item out, please call us to reschedule or cancel before the scheduled date.
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